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EBMX BAC 8000 Stage 2 Power Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade your BAC 8000 to the new EBMX X-9000

Check out the new EBMX X-9000s! 

New EBMX X-9000 offers:

  • Better Power Delivery
  • More Customizations with EBMX App
  • More colors
  • EggRider Display
  • Increased Protection

We are sold out of the EBMX BAC 8000. 

This controller paired with an EBMX battery or (stock bypassed battery) takes your Sur-Ron to the next level.

EBMX has spent countless hours fine tuning the controller to give you the power you need to climb those massive hills, ride technical single track and be flashy in the street.

If you have any questions or need help during install, KC Powerparts offers free support for the first 30 minutes and $75/hour after.

Simply email us at to arrange a phone call or video support call.

-BMS bypass lead supplied if you are still using a stock 60v battery. We highly recommend you look at the batteries we offer on the site.

The 72v battery is amazing paired with this controller providing you more power and distance.

EBMX Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any DIY Battery Bypasses or installations of our range of ASI and SurRon Modifications, although we supply all fixings and fitting instructions with our kits.

Usage Warning:

These high powered controller kits are intended for off road riding using on/off throttle, not continuous throttle applications. Modifying e-motos with these controllers and tunes make them illegal to ride on the road. After installing an aftermarket controller and getting a high powered tune, you are running the risk of damaging your motor. Even with our motor temperature protection enabled, it is still possible to damage your motor if you push the motor outside of its limits. To ensure you do not cause damage to your motor, follow the advice below:

  • Do not use wide open throttle for longer than 10-15 seconds.
  • Do not do repeated full throttle runs. 
  • Do not consistently ride the bike in high power modes, only use the power mode you need at the time. 
  • Do not ride for long distances where you are on 3/4 or full throttle consistently for long periods of time.

If you need to use your bike for long rides using consistent throttle then you will need to significantly reduce the power level of the tune to ensure you can ride for stained periods without damage. Just for comparison, the stock bike in Sport mode running at full throttle is running at 5-6kW, after you put on a BAC8000 and high powered battery you will be pushing up to 15kW (3 times the power of the stock bike) and it cannot be expected for this not to take a toll on the motor. Please be mindful and smart when modifying and riding e motos.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will installing this kit void my warranty? Yes, installing this kit would (we suggest) void the warranty on your SurRon Light Bee Battery, if it is still under a warranty period.


What is the difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Upgrade Kits? The key difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Power Upgrades is which battery you are using or going to use in your Light Bee. The Stage 1 Upgrade is designed to work with a BMS bypassed 60v SurRon Battery, and can work with either a BAC4000 or a BAC8000. The Stage 2 Upgrade is designed to work with either a 72v Battery or increased Ah 60v Battery.


Can I install this kit myself? You can purchase the kit without fitting and installation.


Will doing a bypass decrease the life of my battery? Yes, this may decrease the life of your battery. It depends on a lot of factors exactly how much this will decrease the life of your battery, e.g. age and health of the battery before the bypass, correct maintenance and care for the battery after the bypass, etc.


How much power can I expect to get from this upgrade? The Stage 1 tune is between 7.5kW and 8kW. This is a (75-90%) increase in power. With this upgrade you get significantly more torque and acceleration at the rear wheel, and your max top speed will depend on the rear sprocket size you are running (i.e. 42-64 teeth are possible) The Stage 2 tune gives you approximately 14.5kW. This is a (175-300%) increase in power. With this upgrade you get almost twice as much torque and acceleration at the rear wheel as the stage 1 kit, and your max top speed will depend on the rear sprocket size you are running ( ie 42-64 teeth are possible) 

*Neither EBMX Pty Ltd, nor KC Powerparts LLC, accepts liability for any DIY Battery bypasses or installations on our range of ASI and Sur-Ron modifications. Although we supply fitting instructions with our kits, we do not recommend that you install the equipment yourself. If you purchase the kit to install yourself, you can contact us if you have a problem and arrange for remote support at a rate of $75 USD per hour. Email us at for more information.