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EBMX X-9000 Power Kit

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Color: Black

X-9000's for Surron Light Bee and Talaria Sting are in stock and shipping immediately.

Ultra Bee kits coming soon!

The EBMX X-9000 Power Kit is the perfect upgrade for any electric bike enthusiast looking to take their ride to the next level. This powerful and efficient kit is designed to enhance your e-bike's performance, giving you more speed, more range, and more power than ever before.

With a sleek and compact design, the EBMX X-9000 Power Kit is easy to install and can be fitted to almost any electric bike.

Whether you're a seasoned e-bike rider or just getting started, the EBMX X-9000 Power Kit is the ultimate upgrade for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of a truly powerful and capable electric bike. So why wait? Take your ride to the next level today with the EBMX X-9000 Power Kit!

Full access to tunes for multiple motors for custom mx conversions or other motorcycle conversions (currently in progress and will be coming as we get the dyno testing and tuning completed) 

  • Sur-Ron Light Bee X
  • Sur-Ron Ultra Bee
  • Talaria Sting
  • Talara MX R
  • KO RS Motor
  • QS138 – 90H water cooled
  • ME1803 water cooled
  • QS138 V3 gear reduction model
  • Arctic Leopard

SW102 (EggRider) Display included and custom firmware to allow monitoring of motor temp, controller temp along with all of the regular display info.

Can be setup with a smart phone for the display or to check info as desired

Super heavy-duty construction internally and externally to sustain hard riding and high-powered batteries and motors.

*Cables for Ultra Bee are not available yet.  

Install Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kareem nagib
Ebmx controller

It’s great. I’m still figuring out all the settings. Got stranded in the desert cuz the last 13% of the battery got locked by a password I had to email the company to get. But it’s all good!

Ricky Ayers

To tell the truth this company just appeared when searching google and I was afraid it was a scam or something so I called and this guy is real and a real enthusiast quite knowledgeable and I ordered a wheel set he had when no one anywhere except China had and unbelievable I am in Pennsylvania got them in 2 days very satisfied customer right here will be ordering more

Craig Spencer
Not installed

I'm waiting on my ko motor that was mailed today to do both

Zane Silvestri
EBMX X9000

Solid product.. Fast shipping.. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again