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EBMX Sur-Ron Battery 60V 53AH

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Has your stock battery been fun, but you're looking for more?

Do you want to nearly double the range of the stock 60V battery using the stock controller and to have all of that extra power in the same space of your stock battery?

Well this high powered 60V battery has you covered for both occasions!

We really like this 60v battery and think this is the perfect upgrade for more power and range. 

The other benefit is that you can use your stock charger for this battery. 

We have put this on our customers builds and we highly recommend this battery. This is an upgrade you won't regret. 


-Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska? Please email or call 208-949-5031 before placing an order so that we can get you the best shipping rates. We will look for the most cost effective way to get you a battery.  

-Both 60v and 72v Batteries will fit in the same space as the stock Sur Ron battery but are slightly larger than the stock Sur Ron battery. This could cause incompatibility and fitment issues with aftermarket seats. If you have any questions regarding fitment, please contact us before placing an order.