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EBMX XLB-60 Motor Motor for Light Bee X

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Upgrade your Sur-Ron Light Bee with the EBMX XLB-60 Motor for a significant boost in power and performance.


  • Plug-and-play replacement for the OEM Sur-Ron Light Bee Motor
  • Custom IPM rotor design and industry-leading 1mm rotor air gap revving out to rated 13000RPM
  • Encoder-based motor control for increased low-end torque response and smooth, predictable power delivery
  • Designed to stay cool under race conditions
  • Compatible with the X-9000 controller
  • Includes an EBMX Custom Bash Plate


  • Increased power and performance
  • Smoother, more predictable power delivery
  • Improved cooling
  • Easy installation


  • Peak power: 35KW rated and tested, designed from the ground up to handle the heat, 180C rated windings with U42H magnets
  • RPM: 13000
  • Torque: 60Nm
  • Efficiency: 92%
  • Weight: 10kg


  • Sur-Ron Light Bee
  • Talaria Sting


The EBMX XLB-60 Motor is a direct bolt-on for the Sur-Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting bikes with no extra brackets needed, no phase wire extensions, or other additional parts (harness adapter included).

Order your EBMX XLB-60 Motor today and experience the difference!

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