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EXT Rea MX Rear Shock for Surron Ultra Bee

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Unleash the Potential of Your Ultra Bee: Introducing the EXT Rea Rear Shock

Transform your Surron Ultra Bee's riding experience with the industry-leading EXT Rea rear shock, the world's first true suspension upgrade for this electric dirt bike.

Developed by EXT, renowned for their high-performance suspension systems in motorsports and cycling, the Rea is meticulously crafted to elevate your Ultra Bee's capabilities and push the boundaries of your riding.

Unmatched Performance:

    • 4-way adjustability: Fine-tune the shock to your exact riding style and terrain with independent control over Low-Speed Compression (LSC), High-Speed Compression (HSC), Low-Speed Rebound (LSR), and Hydraulic Bottom-Out Control (HBC).
    • Exceptional damping: Experience superior control and comfort with a robust 40mm damper body, 16mm shaft, and high-flow main piston.
    • Unparalleled sensitivity: The ultra-low reservoir pressure ensures maximum responsiveness and minimal cavitation, translating even the subtlest terrain changes into precise suspension articulation.
    • Enhanced bottom-out control: The HBC technology and secondary bottom-out bumper work in tandem to prevent harsh impacts and provide progressive support through the final stages of travel.
 Rider Weight Spring Rate *
Up to 160 450
160-190 500
190-230 550
230+ 600


*This table is a general guide for setting proper sag of 30-35% or 2.7"-3" of sag.  Keep in mind your upgrades on your bike to select the proper spring size.  For example if you have an aftermarket battery it could have added 30lbs to your bike.  Some riders might also prefer softer or stiffer springs.

Warning: Please refer to the vehicle manufacturers guidance regarding maximum weight limit for the bike.

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