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Torp TC 1000 Controller For Sur-Ron Ultra Bee / Light Bee & Segway X260

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The Torp TC 1000 Controller boosts power performance up to 50kW for Sur-Ron Ultra Bee, Sur-Ron Light Bee, and Segway X260 electric motorbikes. The TC 1000 Controller can be easily installed and configured within 20 minutes.

Most Power-Dense Controller for Sur-Ron/Segway
  • 50kW Max Power
  • Light Weight (2.87lbs)
  • New Aluminum Heatsink Cover (Ultra Bee)
  • Easy Install / App Setup (20min)
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Ships from USA
  • Free Shipping in Continental U.S.

TC 1000 for Sur-Ron Light Bee / Segway X260: In stock now, ready to ship.

TC 1000 for Sur-Ron Ultra Bee: Order now to reserve your place in our next release.
Torp TC 1000 Compatibility

The TC 1000 controller was specifically designed for the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee and the Torp Motor TM 25. Although the TC 1000 is compatible with the Sur-Ron Light Bee / Segway X260, this controller performs best when paired with the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee or Torp Motor TM 25. Additionally, the TC 1000 controller is compatible with the original, stock Sur-Ron functionalities including display, mode switch, brake sensors, and traction control.

Torp TC 1000 Controller App

Already pre-configured for Sur-Ron and Segway bikes, the TC 1000 Controller’s features and power settings can be custom-adjusted through Torp’s simple mobile App. Download TC 1000 App for iOS or TC 1000 App for Android and visit Torp Controller App Manual for additional instructions.
Torp TC100 Controller Specs:

Voltage 20-90V
Max Power: 50kW
Max Battery Current: 700 A
Max Phase Current: 1000 A
Efficiency: up to 99%
Weight: 2.87lbs

Additional Features:

Field-oriented control (FOC)
Bluetooth Communication
Pre-Calibrated: No additional steps required
Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature protection
Communication with stock BMS
Different regenerative braking and throttle modes
Mobile App (IOS & Android) Adjustable Options
Compatible with stock Sur-Ron display
Regular firmware updates

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