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Warp 9 Sprocket Light Bee X

Warp 9 Sprocket Light Bee X

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Sur-Ron Light Bee X

Upgrading your sprocket will change the power delivery for the better.

We recommend lower number sprocket sizes for cruising, street riding and top speed.

The larger sprockets for single track and offroad riding. Increasing your sprocket size will also make it easier to bring up the front tire for those long wheelies. 

  • Need a chain? Check out our RK Heavy Duty Chain
  • Refer to table below for chain length needed:
Sprocket Size (Teeth) Chain Size
42 Tooth 104   link
48 Tooth (oem size) 106   link
50 Tooth 108   link
52 Tooth 108   link
54 Tooth 110   link
56 Tooth 112   link
58 Tooth 112   link
60 Tooth 114   link
64 Tooth 116   link
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